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June 2015

accomplished anything yet just signed a michael kors outlet $16 million a year contract with the Orlando Magic. It’s why Jimbo Fisher makes more than $5 million a year to coach Florida State. It’s why Bobby Bonilla still gets a $1.2 million check every year from the New York Mets even though he hasn’t played Major League Baseball replica oakleys since 2001. But sometimes TV ruins the sports experience for fans who actually invest their hard earned money to attend these events. Tonight’s Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway is Exhibit A. For more than a quarter century, NASCAR’s traditional Fourth of July race has been run on the first Saturday of July. The fact that the Fourth of July fell on Saturday this year made it a no brainer to continue the tradition of running the race on Saturday night under the lights. Question: How many racing fans, after a Air Yeezy 750 Shoes For Cheap Sale long Fourth of July weekend of family, food and fun, are going to attend a late Sunday night race in Daytona before heading back to work cheap michael kors Monday morning? Answer: The fewest amount in history
performer that she makes you scoff at, and not with, the film when Maissa helps inattentive viewers identify Anna’s wild bunch all of whom are clad in yellow wigs, sunglasses, and stilt high heels by pulling a John Madden and literally describing what’s happening in security footage of Anna mid robbery: "It’s the same girls, but in different outfits!" That kind of lighthearted winking would be a lot funnier if Anna’s supposedly high functioning colleagues didn’t also talk like mouth breathing cave dwellers. After a messy shootout, Frank Sr. urges Maria (Tatian Pajkovic), Anna’s second in command, to put pressure on a comrade’s bullet wound. Anna obeys, but soon wails, "It’s not working! She needs a hospital." Tight lipped Frank never entirely overstays his welcome, but he sounds just as dumb since Skrein’s husky pout makes Frank resemble a pseudo erotic version of Christian Bale’s Batman. The filmmakers are weirdly uninterested in their cast’s body language and can’t even competently objectify

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