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Pasadena Bruins – 11th Annual Crown City Classic (August 30-31, 2014)

Pasadena Bruins 11th Annual Crown City Classic
Tournament – Click here to go to the PASADENA BRUINS web site

On Friday, Nov. 7, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie met with both campaigns, along with lawyers from the Minnesota attorney general’s office. All the main players except Elias were there. "I think the surprising issue was the guns that Franken was bringing in," Deputy Secretary of State Jim Gelbmann recalled. While the campaigns were worried about how long the recount would take, Ritchie and his staff were more concerned that they would balk at the logistics of a statewide, decentralized recount. discount christian louboutin It would require a massive mobilization to staff at more than 100 recount locations, with many counting simultaneously. Thousands of people would be called to duty by campaigns that were geared to shut down Nov. 4. Part I: The story of the 2008 Minnesota Senate race Part II: The long, brutal fight to Senate Election Day in Minnesota Part III: Election Night the end was just the beginning for Franken, Coleman "We weren’t sure that they would agree with that," Gelbmann said. "I’m not sure we would
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