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D1 Boys

Coach – Michael Ohashi

Pre collision Systems and Radar There are generally two kinds of safety systems in automobiles passive and active. A passive safety system is anything in a car or truck that, for the most part, sits idle and operates only when necessary. A good example of this is a common seat belt. Once a passenger buckles a seat belt, the belt won’t automatically lock into position until the car makes a sudden stop. Some might call airbag systems passive safety, too. However, wholesale mlb jerseys you could argue that because they rely on impact sensors that determine the severity of an accident, and use that information to determine how quickly they inflate and how long they should Authenitc NHL Jersey For Sale stay inflated, airbags could fall into the active safety category. An active safety system is very different from a passive safety system, especially when you’re talking about pre collision systems. Active systems operate based on signals and information gathered, and they typically either alert the driver to a dangerous situation or assist in important maneuvers like
Both diet and exercise can affect your cardiovascular health. A high fat diet can result in obesity, high cholesterol, heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes and other costly maladies. Regular exercise improves your heart’s health and can lower blood pressure and cholesterol over time. Those with chronic heart problems can also benefit from exercise. A 2013 study published in the Canadian Journal of Joseph Fauria Jersey Paypal Online Cardiology found that regular physical exercise can improve symptoms in patients with atrial fibrillation. If your heart health improves, you’ll likely avoid spending money on cardiologists, heart medications and regular heart checkups. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regular exercise can reduce your risk of diabetes, osteoarthritis and obesity. The CDC reports that obesity alone costs fake discount oakleys $147 billion a year. Diabetes, a common result of obesity, often necessitates medication, regular checkups, massive diet changes and even surgery. Obesity puts you at risk of a wide variety of costly conditions. By exercising regularly and eating a healthful diet, you can significantly decrease your health care costs and avoid being a part of the group who drives up the overall cost of health care. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a high fat diet increases the risk of cancer. A diet rich in vegetables and whole grains lowers the risk of cancer. Similarly, the CDC reports that regular exercise can decrease the risk of some cancers, such as lung and endometrial cancers. A healthful diet and regular exercise can help reduce your risk of cancer and save you the exorbitant costs and hardships associated with a cancer diagnosis, such as chemotherapy, regular hospital visits, surgery, prescription drugs and palliative care.

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